Cottage City Code Enforcement

Town of Cottage City, Maryland

Job Title:                       Code Enforcement Officer

Department:                  Cottage City Police Department
Position Type:                Part Time
Hours worked per week: 24
Hourly Rate:                  $17.00

Summary Description:

  1. Performs a variety of technical duties in support of the Town’s local code enforcement program

    1. Monitors and enforces a variety of applicable ordinance codes and regulations related to:

      1.  zoning

      2.  land use

      3.  nuisance housing

      4.  building codes

      5.  health and safety

      6.  blight

      7.  graffiti

      8.  water waste

      9.  other matters of public concern

    2. Serves as a resource and provides information on Town regulations to:

      1.  property Owners

      2.  residents

      3.  businesses

      4.  general public

      5.  other town departments and division 

      Licenses or Certificates:

  • Possession of an appropriate valid driver’s  license

  • ICC Certification in Code Enforcement preferred but will consider relevant field experience.