Town of Cottage City


The Town of Cottage City, Maryland, is looking for a qualified person to serve as its interim Town Manager.  This position will, at least initially, be a temporary position, for a person who can take over, quickly and effectively, managerial responsibilities for the town until we are able to fill the position on a permanent basis.

The applicant should have education and experience in public/municipal administration, and be available to start by the week of December 11, 2017, or soon thereafter, on a full or part-time basis.  The candidate should be willing and able to handle any situations that arise with creativity and patience, and should be someone who would enjoy the small-town atmosphere of Cottage City – a diverse town of 1300 people, located in Prince Georges County on the northeast D.C. border.  The person who takes on this position will:

*work with and under five town commissioners, under the direct supervision of the chair of the commission,

*provide regular reports to the commission on all activities and work for the town,

*prepare for and attend monthly work sessions and town meetings with the commission,

*supervise three employees,

*write and manage grants,

*manage personnel and financial matters and contracts for the town, in conjunction with the town attorney and the town treasurer,

*manage and keep track of all other matters affecting the town, including but not limited to:

- public works and street maintenance,

- relations with the police,

- a variety of town activities, and

- meetings and activities with the “Port Towns” and other neighboring              municipalities.  

The candidate must have strong organizational and writing skills, and show demonstrated ability in all the preceding and related activities.  The candidate must also have excellent computer/technology skills and a valid driver’s license.

The salary is negotiable, depending on qualifications and part or full-time status.

The person who is selected may also choose to apply for the permanent position, which will be advertised in the near future.

Candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, salary requirements, and a list of references to the Cottage City Office Manager at: