Education is the key to a successful future and the key element in helping men and women developing to their full potentials.  Learning opens doors of opportunity that are only available to those who seek it out and put their hearts and souls into it.  Through education and becoming exposed to added knowledge and experiences, people can find for themselves what they are best suited or most interested in doing for the rest of their lives.  Success is defined differently by every individual person and education is an important tool in both creating a personal definition of success and eventually making it reality. We hope that this information that we have complied will help in assisting you to obtain your educational goals.   

PGCMA Scholarship Prince Georges County Municipal Association

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Student Inventors Scholarships

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Holocaust Remembrance Scholarships

Ayn Rand Essay Scholarships

Gates Millennium Scholarships

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National Assoc. of Black Journalists Scholarships

Saul T. Wilson Scholarships (Veterinary)

Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund

FinAid: The Smart Students Guide to Financial Aid scholarships

Presidential Freedom Scholarships

William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship for Minority Students

Guaranteed Scholarships

Easley National Scholarship Program

Maryland Artists Scholarships

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100 Scholarships for Minorities

Federal Scholarships & Aid Gateways 25 Scholarship Gateways from Black Excel

Aid &Resources For Re-Entry Students

Scholarships for Study in Paralegal Studies

HBCU Packard Sit Abroad Scholarships (for study around the world)

Black Alliance for Educational Options Scholarships

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Liberty Scholarship program